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About Garrett

Garrett Bergby Photo

Garrett Bergby

Garrett is a comprehensive financial planner and has worked in the banking and financial planning world since graduating with a business degree from the University of Oregon in 2006. He specializes in financial planning for clients who share his core values of integrity, empathy, and collaboration. Treeline Financial Planning was established in early 2020 by Garrett Bergby in Bend, OR.

 Garrett’s interest in financial planning evolved during his time as a bank manager and financial services rep here in Bend. He discovered during those years that his passion within the industry lies more in helping clients determine their best path forward than in simply managing their money or assets, and realized that he prefers to work alongside clients in planning their future rather than selling products that provide a limited measure of financial assistance. These realizations led to the birth of Treeline Financial Planning.

 For those who don’t have Garrett’s experience with banking and investments, trying to figure out how to best manage your funds can be like wandering through a dense forest trying to find a way out. Trees are everywhere, and there’s often no clear path to follow. Garrett sees the services he provides as a way of opening up that forest – bringing you to the treeline, if you will. With the right direction and vantagepoint, the view opens up in front of you, and you can see your ultimate destination in the distance. With Garrett’s skills and guidance, he guides each client through their own path to that treeline where the air is fresh and the view is clear.

Garrett’s analogy of financial planning relating to a forest path stems from his personal love for hiking and backpacking. He grew up going backpacking with his father and sister and has maintained that tradition with both family and friends over the years. He also enjoys swimming, hiking, paddleboarding, floating the river with his family – almost anything outdoors. He is a strong proponent for finding a balance between work and personal life.