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Treeline Financial Planning

About Treeline Photo

About Treeline

Treeline Financial Planning was established in January of 2020, but the name of the company is rooted in experiences from much earlier in my life.  I grew up enjoying the Oregon outdoors with my family.  Trips to the Oregon coast included kite flying, beach walks, tidepools, memorable drives and much more.  Other times we headed into the Cascades to enjoy the rivers, lakes and mountain top views.  Canoeing at Waldo lake, mountain biking the McKenzie river trail, and camping at the numerous mountain campgrounds are all wonderful memories for me.  Then there was backpacking. Backpacking combined all the things I loved about the outdoors with the excitement of creating your own path.  You carry everything you need on your back and you go where your feet take you, whether there’s a trail or not. 

I was about five or six when I went on my first backpacking trip.  My Jansport school backpack contained a stuffed animal, a pillow, and some candy (I’m pretty sure the empty backpack weighed as much as the contents did).  My dad was the superhero, carrying everything for my sister and me.  To avoid being asked how far to the campsite was, he explained the hike in simple terms.  “We start in the bright green forest, then we make our way through the darker Doug fir forest and eventually we cross the lava field.  We finish the hike climbing to the meadow at Treeline.”

My dad guided us through the forest to the most beautiful place I could imagine at my young age.  Views of glacier covered peaks and brilliant green meadows speckled with wildflowers, and vistas westward that made me feel like the world was at my fingertips.  The only things that were important were a shelter over my head, food in my belly, and spending quality time with the people I love while watching the sunset over the horizon.

We all take our own journey through the “forest” to that place of total bliss.  Each individual’s forest is unique to that person, and most are much more symbolic than my story. Whether your forest contains an office environment you’d like to escape, kids that will someday leave the nest, or something else, my goal is to understand your hopes and dreams and help guide you through a path that leads to your place of contentment .